The Center provides a wide array of treatment modalities designed to get you back to doing the things you love. From congenital defects, athletic injuries and the effects of old age, we’ve all experienced joint pain at one time or another.


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The pain of damaged joints and bones can be debilitating. From congenital defects to athletic injuries and the effects of old age, we’ve all experienced joint pain at one time or another. Among the services we provide are:

Joint Replacement

With innovative resurfacing procedures like MAKOplasty® available at Mountain Vista, many patients have found the traditional joint replacement isn’t the only option available to them.

For those patients who need total joint replacement surgery, there’s no better hospital in Mesa than the Mountain Vista. Our DNV certified knee & hip replacement program begins with our total joint replacement class, One Step Ahead: Your Educational Guide to Total Joint Replacement. During this class, patients learn everything about joint replacement, from pre-op expectations to instructions for physical therapy.

For those that have mobility issues, we are proud to offer our One Step Ahead class online.

Knee & Hip DNV Certification


Sports Medicine

The team at Mountain Vista Medical Center offer specialists who are fellow-ship trained in sports medicine, as well as orthopedic surgeon, physical therapists and nurses who specialize in sports-related injuries.

Treatment may include medication, physical therapy, surgery and/or strength conditioning. All treatments are provided with the goal to heal the injured muscle, bone, tendon or ligament while providing the necessary strength and flexibility to enjoy activities and reduce the likelihood of future injuries.

  • Ankle, elbow, foot, knee and shoulder injuries 
  • Muscle Injuries
  • Overuse Injuries
  • Post-traumatic arthritis 
  • Stress Fractures

If you are experiencing one of these (or other) sports-related injuries, please contact (602) 553-3113 to make an appointment.

Additional conditions treated

  • Arthroscopic shoulder surgery 
  • Carpal tunnel release
  • Ligament reconstruction 
  • Neck and cervical disc pain
  • Patient-specific instrumentation surgery 
  • Spine and back 
  • Total knee or hip joint replacement
  • Work-related Injuries 
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